Quik Pak Technologies' Liquid-Dispensing System is a sustainable, simple solution to plastic pollution

Quik Pak Technonlogies Inc.
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Quik Pak consumers will partake in a variety of benefits from its products and services, such as ease of use, safety, value, quality, and sustainability.


The system offers consumers easy access to quality liquid detergent, merely at the touch of a button; the exhausting process of standard retail purchase, transportation, and storage of liquid detergent will no longer be an issue. Furthermore, the safety features for child-resistant access and exterior liquid storage will enable toxic chemicals to be kept away from children’s reach.


The quality and value of the liquid detergent, via annual contract, is unprecedented in comparison to existing liquid detergent manufacturers and retail distributors. Quik Pak consumers will benefit with a high-quality concentrate of liquid detergent for their cleanliness needs, and obtain value in the revolving stock distribution and HVAC tune-up services offered at contract renewal.


Finally, Quik Pak consumers will extend their personal benefits to global benefits of sustainability. By using the LDS and liquid detergent with Quik Pak, consumers will not discard endless plastic bottles of liquid detergent that pollute the planets’ soil and water resources. Instead, consumers will drastically reduce their waste output and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future for future generations.